Runza Restaurants | #SummerRunza

A simple request from the client to redesign their table toppers for summer, turned into a fun, social media-focused promotion. By simple snapping a pic of their head in our summer cutouts, customers would get a free item on the Runza $1 menu. 

Role: Concept + Copy


Textron Ground Support Equipment | Brand Launch

Textron, parent company to Tug, Douglas, Premier De-Icers and Safeaerofour very segmented airport ground support companieswanted to combine their resources and rebrand as one company offering a one-stop shop for ground support services. We created a launch video, print ad and provided design and copy direction for a company website. 

Role: Concept + Copy.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 9.48.31 PM.png

University of Nebraska | Commit to Complete

The University of Nebraska needed a campaign that encouraged students to graduate on-time (generally 4 years) as a way to limit student loan debt. We created a lighthearted campaign that was meant to visualize student debt and show how it can be accumulated and reduced—by making good or bad decisions along the way.

Role: Concept + Copy + Production


Winnebago | What's Missing?

With little existing promotion for their licensed insurance product, Winnebago was looking to increase quote requests from current Winnebago owners. Confusing coverage options make choosing RV insurance difficult, so we created a print campaign that made RV owners ask themselves if they had the coverage they needed. 

Role: Concept + Copy


Bad Boy Off Road | Stampede Launch

Bad Boy Off Road was in need of a ton of collateral and content for the launch of their new powersports-focused vehicle, Stampede. We created brochures and video content to help express Stampede's main benefits to their hardcore trail-riding, hunting and farming/ranching audience.

Role: Copy


Greyhound Bus Lines | Travel Stories

Greyhound needed video content for their brand new website, and they wanted to take that opportunity to tell interesting stories of actual Greyhound riders. We created a three-part series featuring a traveler taking a trip that means something to them. We were tasked with finding each rider, developing their story and producing their video.

Role: Concept Development + Client Management + Production + Casting


Success Academy Charter Schools | Virtual Tour

Success Academy Charter Schools was overwhelmed with demand to tour their schools, which interrupted their students' learning and exhausted resources. We worked with SA to create an online experience that allowed educators around to globe to experience their schools. Using a zoomable/maneuverable image-based tour, text callouts and video, we created an extremely in-depth web experience that was as close to the real thing as possible. 

Role: Concept + Production + Client Management


Netted, by the Webbys | Web Content

Netted, a Webbys-owned content platform wanted to start creating their own video content. They had names and a focus for each weekly "show" but needed help coming up with a unique and interesting execution for each. We concepted a creative angle and look and feel for each show based on their premise. Cheat Codes - A humorous look into one specific app and the need it filled. Netted Does - A focused, app-based news show.

Role: Concept Development + Producer + Creative Direction + Prop Concepts (Cheat Codes) + Arm Actor (Cheat Codes)


Volvo | Wagon Adventures

Displeased with the launch campaign of their new V60 sport wagon (done by a different agency), Volvo dealers asked the marketing team for a more family-oriented content. Capitalizing on the outdoor focus of the vehicle, we worked with Outside Magazine to partner two outdoor athlete families and had them take an adventure in the vehicle.

Role: Concept + Client/Influencer/Project Management + Production + Creative Direction


Volvo | Joyride

With a need for digital content, and a recent redesign of their S60 sedan, Volvo needed to further entrench themselves within the luxury market. We identified three luxury interests that overlapped within Volvo's audience. Volvo owners/potential buyers also enjoyed men's fashion, foodie culture and art. We partnered with The Atlantic Magazine and created an influencer content series featuring rising stars in each area.

Role: Concept + Client/Project/Influencer Manager + Producer

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.46.25 AM.png

Volvo | Joyride Live

Volvo needed fun way to promote their newly redesigned XC60 SUV at the New York International Auto Show. We created a "live" version of our popular Joyride content series, giving real Twitter followers the chance to test out the new XC60 by driving it to the NYIAS. We captured their reactions.

Role: Concept + Client/Project Manager + Producer + Driver 


Good 'n Natural Bar | Back to the Basics

Granola bar brand Good 'n Natural was looking to create online content that helped tell the brand story. We created a series of three short films that told the story of the brand through the eyes of three people who were with the creators from the beginning in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Role: Client/Project Management + Producer + Creative Director


Purity Vodka | Brand Posters

Purity wanted to market to an intelligent, luxury audience by owning an "intellectual-drinking" space. We created these spec brand posters to show Purity how they could express a high-end look, intellectual voice and establish Purity as a luxury vodka.

Role: Concept + Copy


Volvo | Drive Event Teaser

Volvo's national ride and drive event needed an online video to launch/promote the nine-stop tour. We created this fun video showing a typical scene of a woman getting into her car in a parking lot. It was soon revealed to be a not-so typical drive.   

Role: Client/Project Management + Production + Copy


Food Network | Social Strategy

Food Network needed a new social strategy, specifically for posting show content on their Facebook page. The brand had success posting recipe-based content; however, when posting about a show, they received roughly 50% of the engagement of recipes. We developed a plan that took themes and elements of each show and turned them into interactive social "games" that fans could participate in. It gave fans a peek into shows and gave them a fun way to interact with the FN page. 

Engagement across all show content skyrocketed to match, and in some cases, surpass recipe content.

Role: Client/Project Management + Content/Social Strategy + Concept

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.47.21 PM.png

Volvo | Biggest Fan of the Big East

After the success of year one, Volvo wanted to execute a second installment of their Biggest Fan of the Big East blogger competition. The program pinned 16 bloggers (one from each Big East school) against one another to discover the Biggest Fan of the Big East Conference.

We needed to create excitement for year two with new bloggers, new blog challenges and new ways to promote the program. Our participants went head-to-head in weekly social media challenges—with one winner taking home a Volvo S60 during halftime of the Big East Championship game.

Role: Client/Project Management + Influencer Casting + Influencer Management + Production